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Security and Authentication

SQL Server 2000

You can restrict access to data managed by Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services. You can limit the administrators that are permitted to access Analysis Services data through Analysis Manager and perform administrative functions. You can also restrict end users who access data on the Analysis server through client applications. You can specify which end users can access data and the types of operations they can perform. In addition, you can control end-user access at various levels of Analysis Services data, including the cube, dimension, and cube cell.

Administrator security is controlled using the Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000, or Windows XP group named OLAP Administrators.

End-user security is controlled using:

  • Authentication during connection to the Analysis server.

  • Database, cube, and mining model roles defined in Analysis Manager.

Each role defines a set of users and the access they all share. A role is defined at the Analysis Services database level and then assigned to cubes that the users in the role are permitted to access. After assignment some changes are permitted to the role at the cube level. These changes do not affect the role at the database level. (An exception is a change to the users and groups in the cube role.) Thus, a role can have a different definition for each cube to which it is assigned.

Analysis Services supports Windows integrated security system.

The following topics describe security in more detail.

Topic Description
Administrator Security Provides information on administrative security roles
End-User Security Identifies issues related to implementing end-user security
User Accounts and Groups Provides information about establishing user accounts necessary for Analysis Manager roles
Database, Cube, and Mining Model Roles Describes the three types of security roles used in Analysis Services
Levels of End-User Security Identifies the Analysis Services objects that security roles can be applied to
Server Security and Authentication Provides information about how server security is applied in Analysis Services using authentication
Database Security Describes how database security roles are used in relation to database security
Cube Security Describes how cube security roles are used in relation to cube security
Dimension Security Describes how dimension security specifications are used in relation to cube security
Cell Security Describes how cell security specifications are used in relation to cube security
Operational Considerations Provides information about Analysis server procedures that should be followed to ensure system security
Mining Model Security Provides information about how mining model roles are used for mining model security

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