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Troubleshooting Querying and Browsing (Analysis Server)

What problem are you having?

Cannot see data when browsing a cube.

Data is not visible when you attempt to browse a cube with the aggregations stored in one method such as hybrid OLAP (HOLAP), but data is visible when you attempt to browse the cube with the aggregations stored in another mode such as relational OLAP (ROLAP).

Cause: The source data lacks referential integrity. For example, the fact table of the cube contains foreign key values that are not present in the primary key column of a joined dimension table.

Solution: Correct the referential integrity of the source data so that inner joins between the fact and dimension tables include all rows in the fact table.

Query of a calculated member returns text such as "1.#INF or 1.#J" instead of the number.

Cause: The formula in the calculated member attempted to divide by zero.

Solution: Change your formulas to check for possible division by zero errors before they occur.

Cubes are missing from the list of cubes in a database.

Cause: Cubes that use features introduced in Microsoft® SQL™ Server 2000 Analysis Services are not available to SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services client applications, and their presence is hidden from these clients.

Solution: Upgrade the client application to a version that is fully compatible with SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services.

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