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Error 10054 (DB-Library)

SQL Server 2000

Error 10054 (DB-Library)

Severity Level 11
Message Text

Attempt to bulk copy an oversized row to SQL Server.


This error occurs during a bulk copy operation when a row or rows in the source data file do not match the row as defined for the destination database table. It can occur due to a missing end-of-line marker. It can also occur if there are more column delimiters in the source data file than currently exist in the destination database table, or if the source data file is corrupt.


Verify that the source data file matches the column definitions for the database table, or create a new table to match the current data file, bulk copy the data into the database, and then manipulate the data using Transact-SQL statements.

You can either manipulate the source data file or create a format file to facilitate the data transfer. You can manipulate character-based data files by using a text editing tool that accommodates the data file size and will not add special hidden characters during a save operation. The editing tool can then be used to manipulate the source data file by adding or deleting characters as necessary so that the source data file matches the table definition. You can also create a format file. The generated format file can be manipulated by a text editing tool and changed so that character positions/columns in the source data file are ignored. Native format files are more difficult to manipulate.

The alternatives to manipulating the native format source data file and/or a format file are limited due to the storage of data types other than character in a binary type format. It can be difficult to manipulate this file type with any editing tool, and it is more difficult to generate and manipulate a format file. You can use the -F or the -L command-line flags to specify the first and last row in the source data file that is to be bulk copied into SQL Server. If the source data file contains a few oversized rows, these flags can be used to bulk copy up to the oversized row followed by a bulk copy operation from the row following the oversized row to the end of the data file.

If you are unable to resolve this error, contact your primary support provider for assistance.

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