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System Error Messages

SQL Server 2000

Topics in this section contain the text of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 system error messages, arranged in order by error number. The tables in the topics include the error message number, the severity level, and the description, which is the text of the error message from the master.sysmessages table.

Additional topics are available for some of the system error messages, with an explanation of the issue and suggested actions for resolving the error.

The master.sysmessages table contains one row for each system error or warning that can be returned by SQL Server. The following table shows the column names in the sysmessages table.

Column name Data type Description
error int Unique error number.
severity smallint Severity level of the error.
dlevel smallint Reserved. For internal use only.
description nvarchar(255) Text of the error message with placeholders for parameters and variables to be inserted each time the error message appears in a specific context.
mslangid smallint System message group ID.

These symbols may appear in the error message text along with the system error message descriptions. The symbols are placeholders that will be replaced by specific values when the error text is generated in a particular context.

Symbol Meaning
%d, %ld, or %D Decimal integer
%x Hexadecimal number
%ls or %.*ls Character string
%S_type SQL Server -defined structure
%c Single character
%lf Double floating-point number

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