How to Create a New Administrative Group


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-04

In the default configuration of an Exchange organization, only one administrative group exists. You can either install all servers in this single administrative group, which is useful in a centralized administrative model, or you can create additional administrative groups and install servers in the appropriate administrative groups, based on your administrative model. This procedure outlines how to create a new administrative group.

By default, Exchange installs all servers in the First Administrative Group in the Server container. You can rename First Administrative Group, and add new system containers, but you cannot remove servers from the Server container in this group.

In a mixed-mode organization, each Exchange 5.5 site becomes its own administrative group, and the administrative group name matches the site name.

You can add servers to an administrative group only during installation. It is best to create the necessary administrative groups on the first Exchange server in your organization, and then install additional servers in the appropriate administrative groups. You can never move servers between administrative groups.

New in SP1   You can move mailboxes between administrative groups in mixed mode. It is best to only move mailboxes across administrative groups in mixed mode under certain circumstances; for example, during site consolidation.

  • In Exchange System Manager, right-click Administrative Groups, point to New, and then click Administrative Group.