How to Use Active Directory Users and Computers to Give a User the Ability to Send Mail on Behalf of Another User


Topic Last Modified: 2007-03-22

To grant a user the ability to send mail on behalf of another user (as shown in the following figure), perform the following procedure.

User A creates meeting requests on behalf of User B without having to log on to User B's mailbox


To give someone access to another users mailbox using Active Directory Users and Computers, you must have the appropriate permissions to modify user objects in Active Directory. For more information about these permissions, see Microsoft Windows Help.

In this situation, the second user may still require permissions to access specific folders in the mailbox. The mailbox owner must use Outlook to set these permissions.

  1. In Active Directory Users and Computers, click the Users container or the organizational unit where the user is located.

  2. Right-click the user account, and then click Properties.

  3. Click Exchange General, and then click Delivery Options.

  4. Click Add to specify a user..