Troubleshoot Server Connectivity


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

The following list contains typical causes of message transfer problems to and from Lotus Notes:

  • Incorrect configuration settings   Ensure that you have installed and configured Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes properly. You must configure the connector after installation and prepare the Lotus Domino server for the connector. For step-by-step instructions for configuring Lotus Notes connectivity, see Configure Lotus Domino for Connectivity with Exchange Server 2003.

  • Incorrect access permissions to Lotus Notes databases   The Notes user ID that Connector for Lotus Notes uses to access the Lotus Domino server requires the following access rights to perform message transfer:

    •   The connector account needs Depositor permissions to be able to deposit mail messages.

    • Exchange.bad   The connector account needs Manager with Delete rights to be able to move bad mail to this database and to run database maintenance operations.

    •   The connector account needs Manager with Delete rights to retrieve mail from this database and to run database maintenance operations.

    • Names.nsf   The connector account needs Editor with Delete rights to perform directory synchronization.

    • Mail Databases   The connector account needs Reader access to convert Lotus Notes DocLinks to rich-text attachments or OLE documents.

  • Corrupted Lotus Notes databases   Database corruption in the database can lead to message transfer problems. To resolve these problems, run the Lotus Notes database fixup process on the Lotus Domino server by issuing the following command at a the Domino server console:

    load fixup

    You can also use the fixup tool to correct database corruption in the or Exchange.bad database. Replace in the Domino console with the corresponding database name.
  • No network connection to the Lotus Domino server   Connector for Lotus Notes uses a Lotus Notes client to communicate with the Lotus Domino server. Communication cannot take place if an incorrect client version is used. Connector for Lotus Notes requires Lotus Notes Client 6.x.

  • Lotus Notes client is not configured properly   Ensure that the Lotus Notes client can successfully connect to the target Lotus Domino server and that the correct Notes ID is assigned to that client. You will not be able to start the Lotus Notes client if multiple Nnotes.dll files are within the system path. You also should verify in the Person document for the connector's Notes ID that the mail/home server lists the bridgehead Lotus Domino server.

  • Notes client installed on Exchange Server 2003 must have its location set to Office or it cannot access Domino servers for free/busy lookups.