Exchange TechCenters Go Global


Topic Last Modified: 2006-02-01

Microsoft is pleased to announce the simultaneous launch of Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenters in China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. These six new TechCenters join the existing TechCenters in Latin America, Japan, and the United States.

You can find links to all nine Exchange Server TechCenters at International Exchange Server TechCenters. Exchange TechCenters are the “one-stop shop” where Information Technology (IT) Professionals and others interested in Exchange Server can find technical information. TechCenters provide a single point of entry to your local product content in addition to content that is generated by the Redmond-based Exchange Server team.

At the heart of TechCenters, the Exchange Server team provides localized, tested, and approved how-to technical documentation. Having an international TechCenter presence allows us to add local relevance, such as information about conferences, Web casts, and content that is more specific to local customers’ needs. Now, businesses and IT Pros around the world have access to more product-related information that meets their language preferences and productivity requirements.

This global launch also gives customers a means to provide Microsoft with feedback so that we can improve the TechCenter experience. We collect customer feedback continuously and use it to make sure that TechCenters provide you with relevant and reliable information. We also constantly monitor the effectiveness of each TechCenter’s content organization. We adjust the organization to make sure that information is discoverable and displayed in a logical order. Each month, you can find interesting feature articles in the “Top Stories” section of the Exchange TechCenter plus updates as necessary to other Exchange documentation.

Thanks to our local subsidiaries and site masters for their hard work in pulling together this simultaneous international launch. We look forward to expanding the TechCenter family to reach even more customers throughout the world.