Exchange Store Management Tasks


Topic Last Modified: 2005-06-21

The Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide provides explanations and instructions for basic store management tasks, including the following:

  • Configuring transaction logs and other storage group options.

  • Creating storage groups, stores, and public folder trees.

  • Moving database files.

  • Configuring mailbox and public folder stores.

  • Configuring system policies for mailbox and public folder stores.

  • Creating, deleting, and reconnecting mailboxes.

  • Configuring and mail-enabling public folders.

  • Configuring public folder referrals.

The explanations and instructions in this guide assume that you are familiar with how to perform these tasks. The information in this guide builds on the information presented in the Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide.

Because you can deploy multiple store components across multiple servers in various combinations, maintaining your Exchange Server 2003 topology can become a complex task. Use this guide to understand how the store components interact, to anticipate problems, and to resolve issues when they occur.