JET_errBadDBSignature (0xc8000262, -939523486, 0xfffffded, -531) JET_errBadCheckpointSignature (0xC8000214, -939523564, 0xfffffdec, -532)


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-23

You may see Jet_errBadDBSignature or Jet_errBadCheckpointSignature errors if you have previously restored databases to the recovery storage group, and then you later delete the first set of databases and configure the recovery storage group for restore of databases from another storage group.

As a general rule, you should completely delete the recovery storage group and all its data files before restoring a different set of databases. If you did not do this, you can usually correct these errors and allow databases to mount by deleting files matching the specification *nn.* from the recovery storage group data folders. This includes the R00.log file, the R00.chk file, and any Enn.log or Enn.chk files.