Split Permissions Model Reference


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-11

This section is a reference to help you plan your split permissions model.

When you downloaded Working with Active Directory Permissions in Exchange Server 2003 from the Microsoft Download Center, a folder named DSACLS Snippets was also created in the same folder where this guide was created. The DSACLS Snippets folder contains DSACLS snippets that you can copy and paste into the Dsacls.exe tool. These snippets are saved in individual text files that have names that correspond to the headings in this section. See "DSACLS Command Syntax Snippets" for a complete list of the snippet text file names.

The tables in this section list attributes by their LDAP display name. If an attribute is followed by text in parentheses, that text indicates the name as seen in Active Directory® directory service interfaces (like ADSI Edit). All references to user objects also apply to the inetOrgPerson object; however, the inetOrgPerson object is not specified in the section titles because it is rarely used.

Most of the attributes apply to both Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003. However, there are some exceptions and these exceptions are indicated in the tables.