Phase Four: Architect and Implement Proof of Concept


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

The final phase of the Application Analysis Envisioning Process (AAEP) involves designing and implementing several Proof of Concept (POC) servers and applications to validate the migration processes, procedures, and target solution capabilities.

The future environment is designed during this phase, based on the information collected during the previous phases and on the results of the POC.

The initial work stream of Phase Four is to design the future collaboration infrastructure. This work includes creating a roadmap to a fully integrated environment for electronic communication and collaboration systems. This phase may include the following:

  • Network infrastructure/hardware changes

  • Purchase and configure new server hardware

  • Purchase and configure new software

  • Upgrade existing servers (hardware and/or software)

  • Upgrades to client hardware/server

  • Define backup strategy

  • Document a disaster recovery strategy

Based on the project requirements, a proof of concept environment should be configured to test and validate some or all of the recommendations made in Phase Three. This work should include:

  • Testing migration tools and options

  • Application migrations and options

  • Third-party application functionality

  • Application system customization (for example, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, SPS, and SQL)

  • Notes application data access/extension via Microsoft .Net, Web services, and Web parts