Enabling SSL for the Default Web Site


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-25

After you obtain an SSL certificate to use either with your Exchange front-end server on the default Web site or on the site where you host the \RPC, \OMA, \Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, \Exchange, \Exchweb, and \Public virtual directories, you can configure the default Web site to require SSL.

The \Exchange, \Exchweb, \Public, \OMA, and \Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directories are installed by default on any Exchange 2003 installation. The \RPC virtual directory for RPC over HTTP communication is installed manually when you configure Exchange to support RPC over HTTP. For more information about how to set up Exchange to use RPC over HTTP, see "Configuring RPC over HTTP for Outlook 2003" in Configuring Outlook 2003 Features.

For detailed steps for enabling SSL for the default Web site, see How to Configure Virtual Directories to Use SSL.