Granting Resource Mailbox Permissions to Auto Accept Agent Account


Topic Last Modified: 2006-06-29

This topic describes giving the Auto Accept Agent account full rights to access resource mailboxes.

You must grant the Auto Accept Agent account full permissions to process items on resource mailboxes.

You must have Exchange Full Administrator rights to be able to grant correct permissions on mailboxes. It is assumed that before mailbox registration, the resource mailboxes exist, which means that they have been logged into at least one time. Logging into the mailboxes also makes sure that the correct locale for the mailboxes has been set, and that the security descriptor changes made by the registration script will be saved in the store. Additionally, because the scripts run on the Microsoft® Exchange server, you must also have sufficient rights to run scripts.

If a resource mailbox has not been logged on to before running RegisterMailbox.vbs, a script that can only be run locally, the mailbox language will match the server language. If you want the mailbox to use a different language, log on to the mailbox using a client that has the preferred language before registering the mailbox.

Processing items in the Inbox requires the Auto Accept Agent account to have Full Mailbox Access rights to the mailbox. If you run Auto Accept Agent as Local System, the agent will have these rights.