How to View an Encrypted Message Using Outlook Web Access


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-19

This article explains how to view an encrypted message using Outlook Web Access.

When a user uses Outlook Web Access with the S/MIME control with the preview pane and an encrypted message is selected, Outlook Web Access with the S/MIME control must decrypt the message before displaying it in the preview pane. Depending on the digital certificate that is being used, there may be a delay in displaying the message while the private key is retrieved. Also, if the private key requires a PIN or password, the user may be required to enter that information before the message is displayed in the preview pane.

Log on to Outlook Web Access with the S/MIME control installed as a user who has a certificate.

  1. In Inbox, locate the encrypted test message and double-click it.

  2. When the message opens, to verify the encryption, move the pointer over the Verify encryption button. A message is displayed indicating that this e-mail message was encrypted.

    Verify encryption button in Outlook Web Access