Using the Remove Exchange Attributes Task


Topic Last Modified: 2005-10-12

Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server with Service Pack 2 introduced a new task in the Exchange Task Wizard called Remove Exchange Attributes. The functionality of this task is similar to that of the Delete Mailbox task with some important exceptions:

  • Remove Exchange Attributes makes no attempt to connect to the server that is running Exchange that is hosting mailboxes for the selected user accounts. Attributes are removed from Active Directory® directory service regardless of the status of the server that is running Exchange. If the server that is running Exchange is down, Remove Exchange Attributes may complete much more quickly than Delete Mailbox would have completed because you do not have to wait for a communication attempt to time out.

  • Remove Exchange Attributes deletes the legacyExchangeDN attribute; Delete Mailbox sets the value of legacyExchangeDN to ADCDisabledMail. Deleting the legacyExchangeDN attribute can cause replication issues if there are servers running Exchange Server 5.5 in your Exchange organization.

For more information about Remove Exchange Attributes, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 307350, “XGEN: Using the “Remove Exchange Attributes” Option".

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