Conclusion to Understanding How Exchange 2003 Supports Message Security


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-19

This section explained the specific components that make up an Exchange 2003 message security system: Exchange Server 2003, the e-mail client, and PKI. In addition, this section explained what Exchange requires for specific products to be used for these components: support for S/MIME version 3 for both components, and compatibility with the protocol support that Exchange 2003 provides for e-mail clients.

This section also explained how these components provide the specific services associated with S/MIME: digital signatures and message encryption.

This information shows what makes up the entire system and how it works together. Because an Exchange 2003 message security system is made up of different components, this understanding is a background against which information that is specific to each part can be discussed.

The sections that follow provide detailed information about each individual component in the message security system. Together with the information available for other products, you can use this information to implement and maintain a complete Exchange 2003 message security system.