Configuring Exchange 2003


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-19

After you have completed the installation and configuration of Active Directory and CA on CONT-CA01, and then performed a default installation of Exchange 2003 on a default installation of Windows Server 2003, you are ready to install and configure Exchange 2003. During the Exchange 2003 installation, add your Exchange server to the same forest and domain as CONT-CA01.

When you install Exchange 2003, you should use the Exchange Server Deployment Tools to ensure that your installation is completed successfully.

Because Exchange relies primarily on the CA and the e-mail client for S/MIME functionality, ensure that the Exchange server message store that holds the user mailboxes is configured to hold S/MIME messages. This setting is enabled by default and does not require configuration. However, if you want to view the setting, perform the following steps. For detailed steps, see How to View the Message Store Configuration for S/MIME Signatures.

After you verify that the Exchange server is configured to support S/MIME messages, you are ready to install and configure your e-mail clients.