Directory Coexistence and Migration


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

The first phase of implementing a migration from Lotus Domino to the Microsoft collaboration products is to implement Active Directory® directory service. All Microsoft products that require authentication (such as Microsoft® Office Outlook®, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services®) rely on Active Directory. Because these products use a common directory, a single logon name and password is used for authentication. After a user logs on in the morning, her logon information is passed to the other Microsoft applications so that she isn't prompted again to log on to access another Microsoft application.

Many Lotus Domino organizations have already implemented Active Directory in their environment for network authentication and security. In this scenario, it is fairly straightforward to migrate users to Active Directory for e-mail addressing and routing and for application authentication.

For companies who have not yet implemented Active Directory, there is a significant amount of documentation about planning and rolling out Active Directory. For more information, see Determining Your Active Directory Design and Deployment Strategy.

If users are migrated in phases rather than simultaneously, there will be a coexistence phase where both the Lotus Domino Directory and Active Directory are implemented and supported for mail addressing and routing. During this phase, user mail address information is updated as users migrate from Lotus Domino mail to Exchange Server. Exchange Connector 2005 for Lotus Notes provides automatic, scheduled synchronization of user information so that end users can easily address e-mail messages, regardless of the messaging platform they or their recipients are using.

Outlook users refer to Active Directory for addressing e-mail sent to both Outlook users and Lotus Notes users in the organization. Lotus Notes users refer to the Domino Directory for addressing e-mail sent to both Lotus Notes users and Outlook users in the organization. Both directories contain updated information for all users in the organization.

Exchange Connector 2005 for Lotus Notes does not synchronize Groups or Directory List members, so you must implement a plan to ensure that e-mail addressed to groups and lists properly routes to the recipients on both mail platforms.

Microsoft Exchange Migration Wizard 2005 for Lotus Notes automates migration of the data in user's Lotus Domino mail databases to Exchange mailboxes and updates or creates user information in Active Directory accordingly.

For additional information about mail coexistence and migration, see Exchange Server 2003 Coexistence and Migration for Lotus Domino Mail.