Reinstalling Windows Server 2003


Topic Last Modified: 2005-09-09

If the computer still does not operate normally, you can use the Windows Server 2003 Setup CD to perform an in-place upgrade over the existing installation. The time that it takes to perform this in-place upgrade is equal to the time that it took to perform your original Windows Server 2003 installation.

To perform an in-place upgrade of Windows Server 2003, you must use installation media that is the same version as the currently installed version of Windows Server 2003. For example, if you perform an in-place upgrade on a computer running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you must use an installation disc that contains Windows Server 2003 SP1.

If you do not do not have the installation media to match the version of the operating system, you can perform a clean installation of Windows Server 2003, and then apply the appropriate service packs and updates.

After you perform an in-place upgrade, changes that were made to your system after the original Windows Server 2003 installation (such as service pack upgrades and system customizations) might be lost. Reinstall the most recent service pack and all previous hotfixes and software updates after you reinstall Windows Server 2003.