Performing Exchange Tasks


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-21

In Active Directory Users and Computers, you can select a user or a group object, and then use the Exchange Task Wizard to perform a variety of tasks that are specific to that object. These tasks depend on the type of object that you select and its current attributes. For example, the Exchange Task Wizard will not allow you to create a mailbox for a contact because contacts can only be mail-enabled, not mailbox-enabled. Likewise, selecting a user who already has a mailbox means that the Exchange Task Wizard allows you to the delete the user's mailbox, but not to create another mailbox.

Here is the complete list of Exchange-specific tasks that Exchange Task Wizard can perform:

  • Create mailboxes

  • Move mailboxes

  • Delete mailboxes

  • Designate an e-mail address

  • Configure Exchange features

  • Remove Exchange attributes

  • Delete e-mail addresses

  • Hide group membership

  • Associate external accounts

For detailed instructions on how to use Exchange Task Wizard to perform one of these tasks, see How to Perform an Exchange-Specific Task in Active Directory Users and Computers.