Part Two


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-20

Part 2 explains the factors that you should consider and the procedures that are involved in configuring mail flow within your organization. It contains the following sections:

  • Verifying DNS Design and Configuration

    This section explains how to verify that DNS is correctly configured for internal and external name resolution. Additionally, this section explains how to verify that other servers on the Internet can find your mail server and deliver mail to your organization.

  • Configuring a Routing Topology

    This section presents common routing topologies. Also, this section explains how to define and configure routing groups and routing group connectors and how to designate a routing group master.

  • Deployment Scenarios for Internet Connectivity

    This section presents common and custom scenarios that are used by organizations to connect to the Internet.

  • Connecting Exchange to the Internet

    This section guides you through the process of connecting to the Internet and configuring your organization to send and receive Internet mail.