How to Rebuild a Catalog


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-09

This topic explains how to rebuild a catalog for a backup set.

  1. Start Backup in Advanced Mode.

    For detailed instructions, see the following procedures:

  2. Click the Restore and Manage Media tab.

  3. On the Restore and Manage Media tab, right-click the media that you want to restore files from, and then click Catalog.

  4. In Open Backup File, type the path and the file name of the backup file that you want to catalog, and then click OK.

    Sometimes this only creates the top node of the tree in the backup set. For example, if you store multiple backup jobs in the same backup file, cataloging the backup set will create the top node for each of the different backup jobs performed. However this will leave question marks for any items contained in that node. When you select a check box with a question mark inside, you will be prompted again for the path and file name of the backup file you are cataloging.

    Rebuilding the catalog