Part Three


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-24

Network attacks are more common than ever, and that trend is likely to continue. Therefore, after configuring mail flow in your Exchange organization, it is crucial that you take measures to help secure this mail flow. Messages that are routed to and from Microsoft® Exchange servers and other external systems also travel across your local network and over the Internet. To prevent malicious Internet users from intercepting your organization's mail and attacking your servers, it is important that you secure your Internet connections. The three types of Internet connectivity are:

  • Using connectors over the Internet to have e-mail connectivity between your organization and other external systems.

  • Using connectors to connect Exchange routing groups within your organization over the Internet.

  • Allowing Exchange clients to use Internet mail protocols or Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access to access Exchange mailboxes in your organization.

Generally, each of these types of connectivity require a different level of security. The sections in Part 3 address various ways to secure your Exchange organization: