Mail-Enabling User Objects


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-20

Mail-enabled user or inetOrgPerson objects are objects that have an e-mail address, but they do not have a mailbox stored on the servers running Exchange in that forest. These objects are similar to a contact, which can also be mail-enabled, except that there are security rights associated with the user object that a contact object does not possess within the forest boundary. To mail-enable a user or inetOrgPerson object, the Exchange Administrator must have the Exchange delegated role, Exchange View-Only Administrator (or higher), on the target administrative group. In addition, the Exchange Administrator must have Read and Write access to the following user or inetOrgPerson Object attributes:

  • adminDisplayName

  • autoReplyMessage (ILS Settings)

  • displayName (Display Name)

  • dLMemDefault

  • homeMDB (Exchange Mailbox Store)

  • homeMTA

  • internetEncoding

  • legacyExchangeDN

  • mail (E-Mail Address)

  • mailNickname (Alias)

  • mAPIRecipient

  • msExchADCGlobalNames

  • msExchControllingZone

  • msExchFBURL

  • msExchHideFromAddressLists

  • msExchHomeServerName (Exchange Home Server)

  • msExchMailboxGuid

  • msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor

  • msExchPoliciesExcluded

  • msExchPoliciesIncluded

  • msExchResourceGUID

  • proxyAddresses (Proxy Addresses)

  • showInAddressBook

  • targetAddress

  • textEncodedORAddress