Connecting to Exchange 5.5 Servers and Other X.400 Systems


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-26

This section focuses on using the X.400 protocol and X.400 connectors to connect to Exchange 5.5 servers or other third-party X.400 mail systems. The X.400 connector relies on the X.400 protocol and its accompanying transport stack to provide the underlying transport functionality.

Three components control the behavior of the X.400 protocol on an Exchange server:

  • X.400 protocol   An X.400 node appears under the Protocols container in Exchange System Manager on an Exchange server. Properties that are configured on the X.400 protocol determine how the protocol works on an individual server.

  • X.400 transport stacks   An X.400 transport stack contains configuration information about network software, such as TCP/IP network services, and information about hardware, such as an X.25 port adapter or dial-up connection on the computer that is running Exchange. Each X.400 connector requires a transport stack on which to run and communicates using the configuration information in that stack. You can create either an X.400 TCP transport stack or an X.400 X.25 transport stack.

  • X.400 connectors   X.400 connectors provide a mechanism for connecting Exchange servers with other X.400 systems or Exchange 5.5 servers outside the Exchange organization. An Exchange 2003 server can then send messages using the X.400 protocol over this connector.

    X.400 connectors are only available in ExchangeServer2003 Enterprise Edition.

For detailed instructions, see How to Create an X.400 Connector.

For detailed instructions, see How to Create an X.400 Protocol Stack.


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