Encrypted Mail


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

Exchange Server 2003 Connector for Lotus Notes does not support migrating encrypted mail from Lotus Domino to Exchange.

Every Lotus Notes user is assigned a unique public and private key pair. These two keys have a mathematical relationship to each other. Each user's public key is stored in the Lotus Domino Directory, and the user's public and private keys are stored in the user's ID file. A Lotus Notes mail message is encrypted using the recipient's public key (found in the recipient's Person document in the Lotus Domino Directory) and is decrypted using the recipient's private key (found in the recipient's User ID file).

When mail is migrated using Exchange Server 2003 Migration Wizard for Lotus Notes, the users' mail databases are accessed by a Notes client that runs on the Exchange server. This Notes client uses a User ID file that has its own unique public and private key combination and cannot decrypt any mail that is stored in users' mail databases.

Mail routing from Lotus Notes to Outlook users cannot be encrypted using Lotus' public and private keys because the Outlook client isn't able to retrieve the private key from a Lotus Notes User ID file.

Third-party products support migration of encrypted mail from Lotus Domino to Exchange Server 2003.