How to Restore Databases from Online Backup Sets


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-23

Before you begin restoring data, make sure that you configure your system appropriately, as described in Setting Up a Recovery Storage Group. To review:

  • A recovery storage group exists. If the server does not contain a storage group with the same name as the original storage group (for example, if you are restoring the database to a server on which it did not previously exist), the recovery storage group must have the same name as the original storage group.

  • The database that you want to restore has been added to the recovery storage group. By default, these databases are not mounted. Leave them in this state.

    After changing permissions, adding or deleting recovery storage group databases, or changing recovery storage group attributes, it may take up to 15 minutes for previously cached values to be refreshed. Until the cache has been refreshed, restoring to or extracting data from the recovery storage group, or extracting data from it may fail.

  1. Restore online backup sets to a recovery storage group. For detailed information, see How to Restore Online Backup Sets to a Recovery Storage Group.

  2. Run hard recovery manually, if needed. For detailed information, see How to Run Hard Recovery Manually.

  3. Verify hard recovery and mount the recovered databases. For detailed information, see How to Verify Hard Recovery and Mount the Recovered Databases.

    Overview of how to restore data from an online backup set to a recovery storage group