Sending Error Information to Microsoft


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-22

Microsoft personnel monitor error reports to identify and correct common problems that customers encounter. If you do not enable the automatic error reporting option, a dialog box appears that prompts you to manually send the fatal error report. For detailed instructions, see How to Send Error Information to Microsoft.

It is recommended that you send fatal error reports to Microsoft. When you send these reports, Microsoft personnel can respond to you with any available fixes for your reported issue. However, before sending information about any fatal service error to Microsoft, confirm that sending this information is permitted under your organization's security policy.

When you send error reports to Microsoft, they are sent over Secure HTTP (HTTPS), which is a more encrypted channel than HTTP.

To send reports, the server must have HTTP access to the Internet.

For more information about automatic error reporting, see the "Microsoft Online Crash Analysis" Web site (