How to Uninstall Auto Accept Agent


Topic Last Modified: 2006-07-05

This topic explains how to uninstall Auto Accept Agent from the Exchange server.

When Auto Accept Agent is uninstalled from the server, all installed files are deleted, including all configuration files. If the install folder contains no files, the install folder also is deleted.

If you have modified the Auto Accept Agent configuration file, it is recommended that you copy the AutoAccept.config.xml file to another location before you uninstall the agent. If you reinstall Auto Accept Agent, you can then copy the customized AutoAccept.config.xml file back to the install folder, and preserve your previously customized settings.

  1. From the server console, click Start, Control Panel, and then Add or Remove Programs.

  2. Under Auto Accept Agent, click Remove.

  3. On the resulting dialog box, click Yes to confirm the removal.

For more information about how to install Auto Accept Agent, see Installing Auto Accept Agent.