Effects on Free/Busy Data When Moving or Deleting Users' Mailboxes


Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-15

When you move a user's mailbox from one Exchange server to another, the user's legacyExchangeDN attribute does not change. Therefore, the location where clients publish the user's free/busy data does not change.

When you delete a user's mailbox, the corresponding free/busy message in the free/busy folder is not deleted and is considered orphaned.

Sometimes users will retrieve old free/busy information for a user with a moved mailbox because the legacyExchangeDN is not valid or has been manually changed. This situation causes significant problems for the moved user because the user may receive many conflicting meeting requests.

The following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base can help in resolving some of the problems related to free/busy data that occur when a user's mailbox is moved:

  • 915780: Users see outdated information or no data when users try to view free/busy information for a mailbox that is in a native-mode Exchange Server 2003 organization.

  • 841658: Free and busy information for a resource must be re-posted in the calendar after a cross-site mailbox move in Exchange Server 2003.