Merging Data between Swapped Databases


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-23

The final step in this recovery strategy is to merge data from the dial tone database back into the original database. The following recommendations should help this go smoothly:

  • Start by merging a single mailbox. If there is a failure, this makes it easier to troubleshoot the problem and read the log files. If there is a failure, refer to the troubleshooting suggestions in the topic Salvaging Data from the Recovery Storage Group in Exchange Server 2003.

  • Do not merge rules, permissions, or associated folder data after swapping the database. By swapping the database, you have restored all of this ancillary data to the state it was in prior to the disaster. Merging such data from the dial tone database overwrites the previous rules, permissions, and other associated folder and hidden data with the data from the dial tone database. According to its default settings, ExMerge will not merge this data.


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