How to Access Exchange Data Using Outlook Mobile Access


Topic Last Modified: 2005-06-02

After you configure Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 for Outlook Mobile Access, and your users have mobile devices that can use a mobile network to access Exchange 2003 servers, they must know how to access their Exchange server and use Outlook Mobile Access. The following procedure describes how to use Outlook Mobile Access on a Pocket PC Phone Edition device.

  1. On the device, from the Today screen, tap Start, and then tap Internet Explorer.

  2. On the Internet Explorer screen, tap View, and then tap Address Bar to open the address bar in your browser window.

  3. Tap anywhere inside the address bar, enter the following URL, and then tap the Go button: https://ExchangeServerName/oma, where ExchangeServerName is the name of your Exchange server running Outlook Mobile Access.

    If a connection bubble does not appear, you may have to connect to your network manually.
  4. At the Network Log On screen, enter the user name, password, and domain in the spaces provided, and then tap OK.

  5. Repeat this procedure for each of your users' Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. As an alternative, instruct your users about how to configure their devices for use with Exchange ActiveSync.

For an overview of how to deploy Outlook Mobile Access in your organization, see "Configuring Outlook Mobile Access" in the Exchange Server 2003 Client Access Guide.