Disconnecting and Deleting Public and Mailbox Stores


Topic Last Modified: 2005-07-22

If you are not using SMTP on the front-end server, disconnect and then delete the private and public information stores. If you are using SMTP on the front-end server, a mounted mailbox store is required because the SMTP service requires a mounted mailbox store to perform conversions. However, this mounted mailbox store should not contain any mailboxes. A public folder store should never be mounted on the front-end server. For more information, see Running SMTP for POP and IMAP Clients.

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service (MSExchangeIS) will not start unless there is at least one storage group defined. If MSExchangeIS service must be left running, do not delete the storage group on the front-end server after deleting the private and public stores.

In Exchange 2000 Server, if the MSExchangeIS service is not running, you will not be able to make configuration changes using Internet Services Manager (ISM). If you must make configuration changes using ISM (for example, configuring SSL encryption), make sure that you complete these steps before you remove the mailbox and public folder stores. This no longer applies to Exchange Server 2003.