Schema Naming Context


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-18

There is only one schema naming context per forest. The schema naming context contains the definitions of all objects that can be instantiated in Active Directory. It also stores the definitions of all attributes that can be a part of objects in Active Directory. Every domain controller has one fully writeable copy of the schema directory partition, although schema updates are allowed only on the domain controller that is the schema operations master.

The schema naming context root object contains one child object for each class of objects that can be instantiated in the Active Directory forest and contains one object for each attribute that can be part of an object in the Active Directory forest.

Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003 extend the schema so that Exchange objects (for example, mail-enabled recipients, Exchange databases) can be instantiated in the organization. There are no Exchange-related permissions required to extend the schema; this function is reserved for the Schema Administrators in the forest.