Introduction to the Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide


Topic Last Modified: 2006-12-06

These topics provide installation and deployment information for intermediate and advanced administrators planning to deploy Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. These topics are companions to the topics in Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System ( Although those topics focus on planning your Exchange 2003 system architecture, these topics walk you through the prerequisites and procedures to successfully deploy and install Exchange Server 2003 into your infrastructure.

Whether you are deploying a new Exchange Server 2003 messaging system or upgrading from a previous Exchange version, these topics will guide you through the deployment process and provide deployment recommendations, including recommendations on how to configure your Exchange 2003 organization to run in native mode. These topics also provide instructions about how to use Exchange Server Deployment Tools. Exchange Server Deployment Tools provide you with utilities and wizards to help verify that your organization is in a healthy state before you deploy Exchange 2003.

Your Exchange Server 2003 deployment plan should reflect your understanding of how Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server™ operating systems interoperate. It should encompass the relationships between Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server sites and domains, domain controllers, global catalog servers, and Exchange 2003 administrative and routing groups. The person who designed your Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 deployment may be less familiar with Exchange. Keep this in mind as you plan your Exchange 2003 deployment, because you may need to fine-tune Windows for the new messaging system.

These topics provide conceptual and procedural information about the following:

It is recommended that you first read Improvements to Exchange 2003 Setup, and then read the appropriate topics that relate to your deployment plan. You can then read Configuring Exchange 2003 for Client Access for information about how to configure your clients for Exchange Server 2003 access.

These topics are designed for information technology professionals who are responsible for deploying Exchange messaging systems for their companies. Such professionals may be in the following roles:

  • Systems administrators   Those people who are responsible for planning and deploying technology across Windows and Exchange servers.

  • Messaging administrators   Those people who are responsible for implementing and managing organizational messaging.

These topics provide several deployment scenarios, including installing new Exchange 2003 organizations, upgrading your Exchange 2000 organization, and installing a new Exchange 2003 computer into your Exchange 5.5 site and migrating your Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and public folders. For detailed information about specific technologies such as the Microsoft Active Directory® directory service, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, or Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 2003, refer to Windows, Outlook 2003, and Exchange Server 2003 product documentation.

The following resources provide valuable information regarding deployment concepts and processes.