Configuring an Offline Address Book


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-12

After creating a new offline address book, you can modify additional properties including the update interval and compatibility with older clients.

Properties for an offline address list


For each offline address list, you can configure the following options:

  • Offline address list server

    Each offline address book specifies the server that generates the files. Click Browse for a list of available servers.

    If you change the offline address book server for an existing offline address book, verify that the new server has content replicas of the appropriate offline address book folders (as described in "Offline Address Book Folders," in Setting Up Servers to Support Offline Address Books). If the folders are not present, the OABGEN process might fail to generate the offline address book, and events 9333 or 9335 may appear in Event Viewer. If this occurs, manually configure the folders to replicate to the appropriate server. For information about how to configure folders to replicate, see Controlling Exchange Server 2003 Public Folder Replication.
  • Address lists

    By default, the global address list is included. You can remove the global address list or include additional address lists. Regardless of how many address lists are selected, Outlook can only download one address list. If appropriate, Outlook will be prompted to choose the address list to download as the offline address book.

    For more information about address lists, see "Work With Address Lists" in Exchange Server 2003 Help.
  • Update interval

    By default, the offline address book is generated at 05:00 (5:00 A.M.) each day. Click Customize to change the schedule.

  • Exchange 4.0 and 5.0 compatibility

    Select the Exchange 4.0 and 5.0 compatibility check box if your environment supports older client versions, including Exchange clients. If this option is selected, Exchange Server 2003 will generate version 1 offline address book files.

    By default, to improve server performance, this option is not selected. If you select this option, the time that is required to generate offline address book files will increase, and the offline address book folders will be larger.

    For more information about this compatibility issue, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 191909, "XCLN: Error Msg: Unable to Download Offline Address Book."