Verifying Backed Up Data


Topic Last Modified: 2006-01-16

To verify data, you restore the preserved data from your backup media to a test domain, and then make sure that you can access the data. You probably cannot verify all backups from all servers, particularly in a large organization. However, by rotating a simulated Exchange restore process in a test domain using backups from various production servers, you can test the reliability of your system. This strategy helps you identify potential problems before a real disaster happens.

Verifying the data from a backup also helps you train administrators to perform restore procedures. Training familiarizes administrators with the restore process so that they can respond quickly and appropriately to a real disaster.

If you do not have a separate test domain, you can use recovery storage groups to test restore procedures for an Exchange database. However, you cannot test public folder backups this way. For more information about recovery storage groups, see Using Recovery Storage Groups in Exchange Server 2003.