Troubleshoot Interoperability and Migration Issues


Topic Last Modified: 2007-03-29

As the previous sections illustrate, integrating Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 into a Lotus Domino environment and migrating users to Exchange Server 2003 is a complex undertaking that usually involves deployment and configuration of several components included in Exchange Server 2003. You must deploy correct versions of the software and perform configuration steps in the Lotus Domino and Exchange environments. There are many opportunities to make configuration errors that can adversely affect the interoperability and migration process.

Interoperability and migration issues can be grouped according to the following categories:

  • Message transfer   Messages between the Lotus Domino messaging system and Exchange Server 2003 are lost or stuck in message queues, or result in message loops or non-delivery notifications.

  • Directory synchronization   Recipient information is not synchronized between the Lotus Domino messaging system and Exchange Server 2003, or address lists in either system are incomplete.

  • Calendar connectivity   Users in the Lotus Domino messaging system or in Exchange Server 2003 are not able to query each other's free/busy information when they schedule meetings.

  • Mailbox migration using the Exchange Migration Wizard   The process of extracting messaging data from Lotus Domino mail databases into migration files or importing the data into Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes fails.

This section describes issues that might arise in messaging environments that include Exchange Server 2003 and Lotus Domino. You will learn how to troubleshoot messaging connectors and directory synchronization, and learn more about the tools discussed earlier. This section also explains how to handle problems that might occur during a migration from Lotus Domino to Exchange Server 2003.