Restoring the Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service (MSExchangeSRS)


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-27

Recovering the Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service (MSExchangeSRS) involves restoring the MSExchangeSRS service database. You can use Backup to restore the MSExchangeSRS service database.

Alternatively, you can manually restore the MSExchangeSRS database (Srs.edb file) if you have a backup of that file. The Srs.edb file is located in the SRSData folder under the folder where you installed Exchange.

If you are restoring the MSExchangeSRS service database as part of recovering a server running Exchange, complete the required steps to restore or rebuild your server before you perform the following procedure. For example, if you are rebuilding an Exchange server that was running the MSExchangeSRS service, restore the local MSExchangeSRS service database after running Exchange Setup in disaster recovery mode. For detailed instructions, see How to Restore the MSExchangeSRS Service Database.

For information about when to restore the MSExchangeSRS service, see "Exchange Member Server Recovery" later in this chapter. For information about how to back up the MSExchangeSRS service database, see "Backing Up the Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service (MSExchangeSRS)."