Design and Deliver Proof of Concept


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

A Proof of Concept (POC) requires an agreed upon set of proofs or tests that define its success criteria. Proof requirements are generally agreed and documented after the vision scope document is completed and before solution definition occurs.

This document defines the proof context and identifies individual components of proof requirements. Each proof includes a requirement, proof method, acceptance criteria, and success measures

Proof requirements relate to the objectives and goals established in the vision scope document. In very short POC’s, this document may be combined with the vision scope document.

The proof requirements are used to drive the POC solution design and to manage project scope during subsequent phases of the POC. It is used as both a reference and a driver for the proof presentation and documentation and can also be used to record results against each required proof.

The POC objectives, scope, and overall solution vision are defined in the vision scope document. The proof requirements document defines how the solution vision will be confirmed by the POC. The proof requirements define at a specific level how this will be achieved.

During Phase III you will develop a vision scope document for the POC. This is the only documentation that you will need to build the POC solution. You will need to document the acceptance criteria and the steps and components that meet that criteria.