How to Add a Mounted Drive to an Exchange Virtual Server in a Windows Server Cluster


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-10

This topic explains how to add a mounted drive to an Exchange Virtual Server in a Windows Server cluster.

This procedure applies only to server clusters running Windows Server 2003. Mounted drives not supported in Windows 2000 server clusters.

  1. Open Cluster Administrator.

  2. In the console tree, right-click the Exchange Virtual Server, and then click Bring Online.

  3. Ensure the disks to be mounted have been added to the Exchange Virtual Server:

  4. To add a disk to be mounted on the root disk to the Exchange Virtual Server, perform the following steps:

    1. Right-click the physical disk resource and then click Properties.

    2. In Properties, click the Dependencies tab.

    3. Click Modify.

    4. In Modify Dependencies, add the root disk to the list of dependencies.

  5. Click OK twice.

For detailed information about how to mount a disk to a root disk, see "Using NTFS mounted drives" in Windows Server 2003 Help.