Configuring Outlook Mobile Access


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-17

By default, all users are enabled for Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access. However, only Exchange ActiveSync is enabled on the Exchange server; by default, Outlook Mobile Access is disabled. This section describes how to enable Outlook Mobile Access on your Exchange server.

Follow these steps to enable your Exchange 2003 users to use Outlook Mobile Access.

  1. Configure your Exchange 2003 front-end server for Outlook Mobile Access.

  2. Enable Outlook Mobile Access on the Exchange server.

  3. Configure user devices to use a mobile connection.

  4. Instruct your users about how to use Outlook Mobile Access.

By default, the Outlook Mobile Access virtual directory (which allows your users to access Exchange from a mobile device) is installed with Exchange 2003. This virtual directory has the same configuration settings as the Outlook Web Access virtual directory. When you configure a server to use Outlook Mobile Access, you should configure the server in the same way you configure a server for Outlook Web Access. For more information about how to configure your Exchange 2003 servers to use Outlook Web Access, see Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server Front-End and Back-End Topologies.

After you configure your front-end server to use Outlook Mobile Access, you need to enable Outlook Mobile Access on your Exchange servers. After you enable Outlook Mobile Access, you can modify the Outlook Mobile Access settings for users or groups of users by using the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

To access Exchange 2003 using Outlook Mobile Access, users must have a mobile device from a mobile operator who has an established data network for mobile data. However, before your users connect to Exchange 2003 and use Outlook Mobile Access, they need to know how to access their Exchange server and use Outlook Mobile Access. You must therefore instruct them about how to configure their devices to use a mobile network, or provide them with resources that explain how to do so.

For detailed steps about how to configure a Pocket PC Phone Edition device to use Outlook Mobile Access, see How to Access Exchange Data Using Outlook Mobile Access.