Administration and Management

Office 365

Applies to: Office 365

Topic Last Modified: 2018-06-13

This section describes management interfaces that are available to Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) administrators.

Looking for information about all EOP features? See the Exchange Online Protection Service Description.

The Microsoft Office 365 admin center is the web portal from which each company’s service administrator can manage user accounts and settings for each of the Office 365 services to which they subscribe. From within the Office 365 admin center, administrators can follow links to the EAC, where they can manage settings specific to EOP.

The Exchange admin center (EAC) is a single unified management console that allows for ease of use and is optimized for all types of deployments. The new and improved EAC replaces the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Administration Center. EAC provides a tighter integration with Office 365 and a consistent, seamless UI experience across Exchange products (Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange Server 2013). For more information about the EAC, see Exchange Admin Center in Exchange Online Protection.

Administrators can use Remote Windows PowerShell to perform management tasks from the command line. For more information about how to use Windows PowerShell, including information about creating a remote Shell session and documentation about each cmdlet, see Exchange Online PowerShell.

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see Exchange Online Protection Service Description.