Scheduling a Backup


Topic Last Modified: 2005-04-26

If you configure Backup to run backup jobs automatically, you can save administrative time and provide a way to run unattended backup jobs during off-peak hours. In most Exchange organizations, it is best to perform the largest backup types (such as normal backups of the Exchange databases) when user access to servers is at a minimum. You can schedule a backup job by using Backup to specify the times that you want your backups to run. For more information about how to schedule a backup, see "Performing a Basic Backup."

Make sure that the Task Scheduler service is running before you schedule a backup. To make sure that Task Scheduler is running, at a command prompt, type net start schedule. You can use the Services snap-in to start, stop, and view the status of services.

You can also schedule a backup to run at a scheduled time by referencing the backup job in a batch file by using the command line switches for Backup (NTBackup.exe). For a list of all the available backup switches, view the command line parameters for Backup by typing ntbackup /? at a command prompt.