Replicas Report


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

The Replicas Report groups together Lotus Domino applications that share a common Replica ID. The Replica ID is the identifier that indicates that two different applications are indeed replica copies and should be synchronized during replication. Figure 1 shows an example of a Replicas Report.

Figure 1   Example of a Replicas Report

Replicas Report

This report is useful when the Application Analyzer is run on multiple servers, so that applications are only analyzed a single time. This reduces the number of applications that need to be analyzed and require migration planning to only the unique instances of applications. If an application is on more than one server, it's important to be aware of where it is located; however, it only needs to be analyzed a single time.

This report is only able to list replica copies of applications on servers that have been analyzed. If the Application Analyzer is not run on a server, the report will not include any replica copies of applications that are on that server.