Understand Troubleshooting Interoperability and Migration Projects


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

It is recommended that you adopt the following troubleshooting strategy, shown in Figure 1, when you troubleshoot interoperability and migration issues:

  1. Locate the problem   Before you can troubleshoot an issue, you must determine its probable causes. This usually involves checking the Lotus Domino environment, as well as Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. Use a methodical approach to pinpoint the issue.

  2. Analyze the problem   Try to replicate the problem so that you can understand exactly what is happening. Change only one setting or configuration at a time so that you can keep track of the behavior before and after the change. Carefully document the changes you make. After you determine the cause of the problem, check the configuration to find out why the affected component fails.

  3. Solve the problem   Devise a solution to prevent the problem from happening again. Do not apply your solution until you have carefully tested it for side effects in a test lab. For example, service packs contain many solutions for known issues, but you should not apply a service pack without first testing it on a test server.

Figure 1   Recommended troubleshooting approach

Troubleshooting flowchart