Placeholders in Address Generation Rules


Topic Last Modified: 2006-11-29

You can use placeholders in your e-mail address generation rules. For example, if you want to change from the default address format of <User Logon Name>@<Domain Name> to an address format of <First Name>.<Last Name>@<Domain Name> (for example,, you must use placeholders for the variable information, such as first and last names.

Select the entry for SMTP addresses on the E-Mail Addresses tab, click Edit, and, under Address, add %g.%s to the beginning of the address definition (for example,

NOTES-type proxy address generation rules do not allow you to specify how many characters to use to produce an address such as, which you can for other proxy address types.

The table below lists the possible placeholders in address generation rules.


Placeholder Description


Display name


First name






Last name