Configure Lotus Domino for Connectivity with Exchange Server 2003


Topic Last Modified: 2006-09-14

This section discusses the configuration that must be completed on the Lotus Domino server before establishing connectivity between Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 and Lotus Domino, synchronizing Active Directory® directory service and the Domino Directory, and routing mail.

  • How to Create a Notes ID File for the Connector   Use this procedure to create the Notes ID file that is used by the Notes 6 client installed on the Exchange Server 2003 computer that is running Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes. The Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes is a MAPI connector that uses the Lotus Notes Client API to connect with the Lotus Domino server. Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes has the rights assigned to this user ID when synchronizing Active Directory and the Lotus Domino Directory, when routing mail between the two environments, and when migrating users' mail databases to Exchange Server 2003.

  • How to Create Domino Databases for Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes   Use this procedure to document the process of creating two databases based on the standard Domino template. Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes requires two new type databases on the Lotus Domino server. One of these databases ( holds mail pending delivery to and from Exchange Server 2003 and the other database (exchange.bad) holds mail that cannot be delivered to Exchange Server.

  • How to Change ACLs on Domino Directory and Mail Databases   Use this procedure to make sure that directory sync works and that mail database doclinks in users' mail databases migrate successfully. The Notes user ID that is used by Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes must have appropriate access to these databases, which requires access control list (ACL) modification or Full Administration Access (on Domino 6 servers) or modification of the database ACLs. This Notes user ID must have Editor (with delete) rights to the Domino Directory and Reader rights to the user mail databases.

  • How to Create a Foreign Domain Document   Use this procedure to create a foreign domain document in the Domino Directory so that the Domino server knows to route mail addressed to the Exchange domain (@Exchange) to the Exchange Server 2003 computer running Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes.