Conclusion to Implementing and Maintaining PKI to Support Message Security in Exchange 2003


Topic Last Modified: 2005-05-19

PKI administrators can use this section to supplement PKI documentation. This section includes information about connecting to an Exchange 2003-based message security system. In addition, this section includes information about Outlook Web Access with the S/MIME control.

Because Exchange 2003 is standards based, there are few concerns specific to Exchange that the PKI administrator needs to address. The most significant issue is ensuring that the PKI supports S/MIME version 3. Another issue is integrating the PKI to support specific e-mail clients. This section has provided information about integrating with Microsoft e-mail clients that provide S/MIME capabilities. Finally, this section has raised some general issues about integrating with Active Directory, specifically regarding what attributes should be used to store digital certificates.

This section should provide the PKI administrator with the additional knowledge needed to work with the Exchange administrator and the e-mail client administrator to integrate the PKI with an Exchange Server 2003-based message security system.


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